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~ The HG Nightingale Therapy Harp ~

The HG Nightingale - 27 Strings

7.5 lbs, 31" tall, C to A

The Nightingale Therapy HarpThis slender harp will surprise all with its warm and comforting voice. The mellow sound and clear tone can fill a room, or have a soothing and intimate timbre. Created for the Harp Therapy Program, this harp is a perfect, synergy of playability and portability. The design of this harp allows it to fit in the overhead compartment of an airliner for those performers on the move!

The HG Nightingale/Nightingale (Jessie) Therapy Harp comes standard with a padded case and several choices of levers.

Audio Samples (HG Nightingale 27)
(Performed by Denise Grupp-Verbon)
*** Coming Soon ***
The HG Nightingale/Nightingale Jessie Celtic Folk Harp
F,C,B Rees Levers $2500.00
Full Rees Levers $2800.00
Full Loveland Levers $2800.00
Full Truitt or Camac Levers $3100.00
Padded Case Included
Extra String Set $125.00
USA Shipping $150.00


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