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~ The HG Eagle Celtic Folk Harp ~

The HG Eagle - 23 strings

5.5 lbs, 30" tall, 18 deep, 10.5" wide G to A

The Eagle Creek Celtic Folk Harp This petite harp will surprise all with its tremendous voice. The capacity of this harpto fill a room, with it's clear, bell like sound stands alone among lap harps. Do not confuse this harp with a toy! Performing artists all over the world will recognize the amazing voice of this instrument. The trimness, and light weight of this harp allows it to fit in the overhead compartment of an airliner for those travelers who will not leave a friend behind.

The HG Eagle comes standard with a padded case and several choices of levers.

Audio Samples (HG Eagle 23)
(Performed by Denise Grupp-Verbon)
*** Coming Soon ***
The HG Eagle Celtic Folk Harp
F,C,B Rees Levers $2200.00
Full Rees Levers $2500.00
Full Loveland Levers $2600.00
Full Truitt or Camac Levers $2900.00
Padded Case Included
Extra String Set $ 80.00
USA Shipping $ 99.00


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