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~ The Jessie Ultra-light Therapy Lap Harp ~
The Jessie - 32" tall, 27 strings, C to A, weight: 6 pounds

For those who love the Nightingale, but would like a lighter  weight, lighter tensionThe Jessie Ultra-light Therapy Lap Harp harp, The Jessie Ultra-light Therapy Lap Harp is the perfect solution. It has all the qualities, of the Nightingale and is lighter and easier to play. This harp is made out of Sassafras and has a spruce soundboard. Weight will be effected by the type of levers and tuning pins installed. 

The Jessie Ultra-light Therapy Lap Harp comes standard with C and F Loveland levers.

Audio Samples (Sassafras Jessie)
(Performed by Denise Grupp-Verbon)
The Minstel Boy
Carolan's Concerto
The Jessie (Ultra-light Therapy Harp)
 In Sassafrass with standard C and F levers: $ 1350.00
 Full Truitt levers, Case, Strap: $ 2199.00
 Full Loveland levers: $   325.00
 Padded case: $   250.00
 String Set: $     80.00
 Packing/Shipping (in US): $     89.00


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